March 6 – 12: Celebrating Women in Construction Week

March 19, 2013

 The world has gone mad! Or has it? The week of March 6th to 12th celebrates, with great zeal, Women in Construction. Since the earlier part of the 20th century women have been holding their own in a world that previously was dominated by the male presence. In 1942 the cultural icon, known as Rosie the Riveter, was born as women at home took the place of absentee men (gone off to war) in munitions and other war supplies factories. The fact is they’ve never looked back.

NAWIC: Impressive Letters
The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) was founded in Fort Worth, Texas back in 1953. This association was formed as an alliance to support women that had chosen alternative career paths. They are growing yearly and have an impressive board that oversees 14 geographic regions. NAWIC partners with many upstanding associations and continues to pave the way for women in construction by contributing educational resources.

Don’t Be Surprised to Find Women in these Industries
Women hold a place in many industries that might not be visible to the average person. Careers are being forged every day in:

  • Architecture
  • Road Construction
  • General Construction
  • All Areas of Engineering
  • Furniture Design and Production
  • Computer Design and Manufacturing  

It’s kind of cool when you consider that the woman standing in front of you in the grocery checkout line on the weekend, wearing the cute outfit and sandals, may be sporting a hardhat and construction boots during the week!

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