What to Look for In Kitchen Cabinets Design?

February 7, 2018

When you start to plan your dream kitchen, you can easily become enamored by the beautiful kitchen cabinets design in magazines on Pinterest. These cabinets are usually stained in the latest, fashionable hues of gray and oak, they’re illuminated by fantastic showroom lighting, they’re free of scratches and dents, and obviously, nobody’s toddler has started to draw on the cabinets yet.

Even experienced interior designers don’t always know what to look for when choosing kitchen cabinets for their clients, which is why we’ve set up a list of things to consider and look for when investing in new kitchen cabinets:

    • Drawer Slides

Check whether the drawer runs on a single slide in the center of the drawer or whether there are two side-mounted slides. Double slides are much sturdier than a single slide, so this type of drawer will be able to carry a heavier weight.

    • Hinges

The hinge of your kitchen cabinets needs to be solid and durable – whether they are hidden or visible. A turnable hinge will give you the added benefit of being able to adjust the hinge so that it fits with the surrounding frame regardless of where it is installed.

    • Wood Appearance and Quality

Take a close look at the wood used on the face of the kitchen cabinet. There shouldn’t be any grain irregularities, color variations, sanding marks or knots. Also, check the side panels of the cabinet to make sure it matches the wood that was used for the face of the cabinet.

    • Certification and Warranties

Some kitchen cabinets will be certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. But, whether your cabinets are certified or not, make sure they come with a guarantee. A kitchen cabinet can be exposed to high temperatures, steam, and humidity, so you need to make sure that your cabinet’s material won’t warp and stain under temperature fluctuations or chemical stains.

These are only a few things to consider when looking for kitchen cabinets. Contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. for more information about kitchen designs.