Let Us Entertain You – West Palm Beach Style!

May 12, 2014

What did we do before there were wall units and entertainment centers? Seriously. They house just about everything you can imagine, and then some. Since the rabbit-ear television sets and associated stands began to be replaced with shelving and smaller consoles to house them, the evolution of cabinetry has progressed much faster than man, in part due to the nature of technology.

Schrapper’s has kept up with the times, and often surpasses, with entertainment center designs that are creative, eclectic and essential. The functionality of these highly customized quality pieces of furniture have changed the look of great rooms, living rooms and dens.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Cabinetry design, whether in the great room or the kitchen, is an integral component of a stylized room that intends to convey a message. The message varies according to design.

Our deep, chocolate brown wall-to-well center is modern and minimalist, housing large pieces of different art mediums. The blond unit, with rounded ends and simple shelving, appears utilitarian with its obvious absence of hardware and decoration: Purposeful and arty – giving a museum quality to the surroundings. And our dark wood with mosaic tile center is eclectic and colorful. There’s movement and a little drama.

The Functional Side of Entertainment Centers
When you look past the creative design element and accessories, you come to realize the many services these units provide:

  •   Extra ambient lighting, often on dimmer switches
  •   Chameleon-like options of housing audio and video components
  •   Many interesting ways of storing DVDs, CDs, magazines and books

All in all, entertainment centers appeal to all our needs: style, convenience and the very much needed, function.