Lean & Green Countertops for Kitchen Cabinetry

November 15, 2010

While aesthetics and value matter, homeowners are also looking for surfaces that keep the environment in mind. The trend is that they are moving away from countertops made exclusively from finite sources.

While green is still a relatively small percentage of the countertop industry, it will become increasingly important as incentives to build green grow.  Granite and quartz countertops are among the longest-lasting components of a kitchen project and save natural resources because they are one of the last things that need to be replaced.

Going forward, Levine sees more consumers educating themselves about the durability of products. People want products that are durable and beautiful.  He also sees an upward trend of wood surfaces in home bars, as clients are doing more entertaining and kitchen designers are expanding their services to other areas of the home. Wood countertops will always remain a classic and timeless design element.  Custom designs are taking advantage of every inch of space with unusual shapes and custom knife slots paced to fall in between the base cabinets.

Levine also sees a trend toward simpler edge treatments.  Whether thick or thin, these edges are keeping with the trend toward more contemporary design and clean lines.  Ornate edge treatments seem to be on the decline for now, while edges with a clean, simple appearance are all the rage. It’s important to remember that edge treatments are often overlooked, but in reality can change the entire look of the kitchen.

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