Latest Design Trends for Kitchen and Bathroom

June 20, 2016

It starts off as tossing around some ideas, a dream or two, and a whole lot of happy anticipation. You are planning a new bathroom and dressing room, or a new kitchen, or a totally new house.

Too often, though, it can be easy to get bogged down with far and away too many choices and not enough real information. Don’t let this diminish your happy anticipation.

With a long history of producing bathrooms and kitchens that perform; units that combine ingenuity and functionality; layouts that provide the optimum usability of any available space, we thrive on re-igniting the eagerness, bringing back the fun, and making the whole thing work!

How we stand out

There are three distinct areas of ability in which we pride ourselves:

  • At Schrappers, we actively listen to what you want. We then transform what you say into a practical design that uniquely checks all the boxes.
  • We know what is available and have the ability to guide you through the maze of systems, designs, gadgets; to arrive at a specification that will optimize your wants and needs within the budget available.
  • We know how to do the job, and to do it right the first time

Some of the latest products and ideas in recent kitchen and bathroom trends include:

  • Swing-out, roll-out, and pull-out shelving systems
  • Drop-down spice-rack-type shelving
  • Various ideas for blind-corner access
  • Under-sink basket and tip-out tray systems
  • Pull-out pot and lid storers

We also always recommend that you look for these qualities:

  • Six-way adjustable soft-close hinges
  • Shelf slide systems with low pull force and silent, synchronized movement
  • Light-touch-open, low-pull-force-close systems for drawers.
  • Opening systems for upward or downward flap systems

For more information on how Schrappers can guide your dreams into a beautiful, functional, amazing reality, please contact us today.