Kitchens’ Clean Design

August 12, 2014


Clean design is at the heart of a look that transcends time. Often a design client is nervous about buying into a style that will date their kitchen. They don’t want someone walking in and mentioning they loved this look in the late 1990’s.

Redesigning your kitchen, or any other room of the house for that matter, can be daunting, to say the least.

Clean Concept or Sterile?
Clean, minimal kitchens need not be sterile. Today, even the most utilitarian of them have personalities that impart a well thought out plan – neither lacking flair nor conceptual interest.
Minimalistic kitchens are pretty popular for the following reasons:


  • They generally look clean due to uncluttered surfaces
  • They are easier to keep clean and appear staged in little to no time
  • It’s easier to find what you’re looking for – again, no clutter to search through

Tips to Achieve the Kitchen’s Clean Design
These tips give you an idea of how to get started, however, clean design does not mean no design. Remember that your own personality should be a part of the package when redoing the kitchen. A few ways to achieve your clean design are:

  • Use understated faucets
  • Install an under-mount sink
  • Choose a streamlined style of cabinetry
  • Keep your color palette to a minimum of three colors
  • Select simply designed lighting fixtures that give optimum light 
  • Consider your window treatments – do you need privacy or just a little design element?
  • Think about each and every item that you use in your kitchen and map out, if definitely needed, how and where they should be stored

Using these simple guidelines to get you started on your clean design kitchen will uncomplicated the process. If your ultimate desire is to have your kitchen looking fantastic 24/7, consider this mission accomplished!