Kitchens and Baths: The Hotshots of a House

December 23, 2014


Kitchen DesignIt’s a well-known fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Why is that? The most straightforward answer is: Women! Now, before you get excited and shout, “Sexist!” think about it. Who spends most of their time in these rooms?

It is perfectly logical that the homemaker, generally the wife/mom*, is going to want the most wonderful environment where they spend most of their time. The guys may ooh and aah over the basement, garage or tool shed, but the ladies like their kitchens and bathrooms.

The Reinvention of the Kitchen Industry
Year after year kitchens improve in style and function. Just when you think that everything’s been done – something comes along to disprove that theory. Case in point, in 2014, these trends have shown us that there’s always something new on the horizon: 

  •    Sinks. We’ve seen the white, the stainless, and the white again. Now we are seeing an emergence of bright colors that pop in a monochromatic scheme.
  •    Fixtures. While high-hats and minimalistic light fixtures are seen in many kitchens, the trend now is to go bigger and more dramatic.
  •    Hydraulics. Never before have hydraulics played as big a part in home design as they have lately. Kitchen cabinets are gracefully lifting skyward at a touch of a finger, making reaching higher cabinets easier for the homemaker.

 The Beautiful, Bold Bath Industry

And in bathrooms across the nation, changes are being seen, too! 

  •   Color. Dual tones of tile are being seen as a dramatic change from single-color tiled walls. Choose a darker and lighter shade of the same color and you will be amazed at the dramatic effect it creates – especially when using glass.
  •   Shower Heads. One, two, three, four… and more! 2014 is the year of the truly invigorating shower experience!
  •   Steam Showers. While we’re focusing on the shower, why not get the complete spa experience and indulge yourself with a steam shower that gives your skin a natural and healthy glow! 


* The number of stay at home mothers nationwide in 2013 numbered 5.2 million, compared to 214,000 stay at home fathers.