Kitchen Psychology: A Positive Work Space

February 23, 2015

Kitchen Table StoriesAccording to research, levels of cortisol (hormonal measure of stress) are reduced when monkeys return to their nests. The home is where the heart is, and for this reason, every home becomes a customized center where family comes together at the end of a busy day. Whether you are in school, volunteering, running errands or putting in a full eight hours at the office, home is the end of day destination to relax and decompress.

Kitchens: One Size May Not Fit All!
What makes one homeowner breathe deeply and appreciatively may be completely different for another. Kitchens come in all sizes and configurations: Cabinetry, color, lighting and design contribute to an overall room that can enhance one’s mood or jar nerves completely. Flip through any design magazine and you can see extreme opposites in the home’s hub, yet each room is tastefully designed.

Question Yourself
Prior to committing to a particular design and layout, you might want to ask yourself some soul-searching questions, and hear how your family feels about them, as well. The yin and yang of design comes across in all of these areas:

•   Light colors or dark? Maybe even a half and half combination.
•   Formal seating area or bar style dining? There may be room for both.
•   Industrial design or mellow Mediterranean, French country or traditional?
•   Clean and clear countertops or a busy, production-in-progress type of look?

Regardless of which style best suits you and your family, the ultimate litmus test is how you feel when you walk into the room. Do your shoulders rise up and tense, or do your shoulders relax and lower an inch or two? Does your mind feel at ease or is it jangling when you observe your surroundings?

Our bodies and our minds tell us, intuitively, what’s going on in our lives. When you work with a professional designer, such as Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design, the approach is holistic, and it’s apparent that it’s not all about the “things,” but more about the people living there.

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