Kitchen Faucets: Facts and Functions

October 24, 2013

premium-faucet Dining à la carte means ordering your meal, one delicious dish at a time. Welcome to the new world of kitchens! A la carte design simply means that you can order one, several or all of the features that are currently offered for many of the lines available. We’d like to take you through some of the features and functions currently on the market.

Innovation that Makes Sense

Today we’re sharing with you some features that go a millennium beyond what kitchen faucets were a couple of decades ago. When speaking with your Schrapper’s designer, we recommend you print out this article and highlight the features that you require in your new kitchen.

  • Regardless of finish, you may wish to know the general construction of the faucet you like. Solid brass construction will last many lifetimes and ceramic disc valves are known to exceed the industry’s longevity standards.
  • Cooking for one or a baseball team, this can determine the height and shape of the faucet. When cooking for many, the higher and deeper the neck of the faucet, the easier it is to fit your stockpot in the sink to fill up to capacity.
  • When deciding on a spray head, be sure to ask about magnetized docking systems. Many manufacturers are now using magnets to ensure that the spout returns each and every time to the main part of the faucet.
  • Though every company calls it by another name, do ask about the sensor type faucets that promote a more sanitary approach to cooking. With a wave of your hand your faucet is engaged and messy hands never need to touch the taps. This is a blessing when handling raw meat and poultry.
  • Spray heads are now offering several features such as spray and steam, as well as extra long hoses.

New technology has touched every industry and in the case of kitchen design, it just keeps getting better. These new features make sense and keep your kitchen environment cleaner and running more smoothly.