Kitchen Drawers Have Their Day!

September 12, 2013

Kitchen Drawers Have you ever thought about the busiest room of your house? Chances are it’s your kitchen that draws the biggest crowd. How can it not be when so much is going on in there? It’s the room where you:

  • Put away the groceries
  • Prepare your day’s meals
  • Clean up and wash the dishes
  • Orchestrate your dinner parties
  • Do homework, iron and chat on the phone

It’s a busy, busy place, but busy doesn’t have to mean boring or losing control of a high-volume space in your home. The following tips help you gain control with creative kitchen design:

Control the Chaos and Throw in Some "Cute"

We’ve talked about how organization is critical in the kitchen and generally the focus is on the cupboards and pantry. Today we’re talking drawers. Drawers can mess you up if you let them.

  • Take the time to plan the contents of each drawer and you will cut down on wasted space and unnecessary items.
  • Cutlery drawers have become much more organized as interior partitions now adjust and expand to your needs.
  • When drawer space is insufficient, think about rods or bars with hangers to store your oversized utensils such as ladles and spatulas.
  • Cutlery has become as popular as napkin rings! Some are jeweled and colorful and can be displayed in stainless steel holders or heavy crockery on your countertop. This frees up space in your filled-to-capacity drawers.

One last suggestion: even if you think you can’t bear to part with your treasured "junk drawer," take the time to examine each item and store it in the appropriate place. That one extra drawer can be valuable in organizing your kitchen.