Kitchen Cabinetry: The Bookends to Your Window Treatment

August 29, 2013

Kitchen Cabinetry care We don’t often think of kitchen cabinetry as being a delicate matter, yet in some areas of the kitchen, cabinetry can take a beating. There are ways of reducing the signs of battle fatigues in this overly active area of the house, starting with the cabinets that flank your kitchen window.

Chemical Warfare

The kitchen cabinetry that flanks the window, and most often kitchen sink, is prone to chemicals and other harsh elements. When you think of it, they are in direct contact with:

  • Spraying water and dish detergent
  • Chemical cleaners such as Comet© and Windex©
  • Direct sunlight every day for approximately five to seven hours

Arming your Cabinets for Battle

The question here is, "How do you keep the cabinetry looking its best?" It’s surprisingly simple when you follow these easy steps:

  1. Apply a window sun protection film. This item can be purchased at most hardware stores and is fairly easy to apply, or you can call any number of window film service companies to do it for you. It cuts down on the ultraviolet rays that damage furniture and fabrics.
  2. Install a made-to-measure window treatment. Kitchen window treatments number in the hundreds for style, color, fabric and ingenuity. Most are easy to install, taking less than 15 minutes in total.
  3. Protect your cabinet returns by requesting the cabinetry company apply an extra coat or two of lacquer. You can apply your own clear adhesive material that does not harm the finish, however, ask the manufacturer prior to applying anything so as not to contravene terms of the warranty.

Once you have a protective film in place and a window treatment that deflects the harsh sunlight, you’re two thirds of the way to protecting your cabinetry.