Kitchen Cabinetry: Less is More

March 24, 2015


We’ve talked about transitional kitchen design before, as a way of going in any one of several directions when renovating, but it’s not only about mixing and matching styles. Transitional, as well as, contemporary, industrial and modern kitchen design has the ability to make a grand statement in an understated way!

It’s All About that Base
Starting at the very base of the cabinetry, simplicity seems to be defined by squared legs in the same wood as the cabinetry; or a kick plate set back to give a floating effect. Often the recessed base is in the same material and finish as the cabinetry, however, adding a brushed stainless plate is sleek and minimal.

Behind Closed Doors
Kitchen cabinetry has continued to hide appliances, large and small, thereby creating an openness that extends the perceived dimensions of the room. It’s not uncommon for a guest to make several attempts to find the:

• Microwave
• Dishwasher
• Refrigerator
• Toaster Oven

The sophistication of cabinetry design is such that dimensions, structure and hardware are incorporated to deceive the eye. Many of the newer kitchens have everything neatly tucked away behind a complete wall of cabinetry. You may find yourself opening the pantry for a cold beverage!

The Final Say on Finishes and Finishing Touches
Kitchen cabinetry has gone through numerous design changes, many of which added elements only to drop those same elements a few short years later. Crown moldings have seen their heyday but have also been downplayed or completely removed. The same goes for raised panels, trims, rosettes and upper cabinetry touching the ceiling, alternately lowered to leave space for accessorizing.

Surprisingly, some of the newer cabinets are employing highly patterned wood grains that are installed with striations traveling either horizontally or vertically. The heavier, more prominent, cabinetry of a decade ago has receded to make way for the simpler, yet elegant designs of today.

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