Kitchen Cabinetry: 3 Little Known Amazing Storage Options

August 15, 2013

Kitchen Cabinetry Storage Kitchen cabinetry design has steadily improved over the past two decades. The kitchen design industry, including fine cabinetry companies and interior designers, continually strive to give the customer the very best of their experience and knowledge. This is relevant for both homebuilders and homeowners.

In the early to mid 1900s kitchens began to boast built-in ironing boards and cabinetry such as the "Kitchen Piano," a piece of cabinetry that advertised "Everything at her fingers’ ends," built and offered by the Hoosier company. Up until that time most kitchens were small and bare bones, holding only a sink and some open shelving. This was the springboard for the standard of kitchen cabinetry.

Storage Option 1: Nooks and Crannies
Kitchen Cabinetry StorageKitchen design is more than the color of the wood or style of the cabinetry. Due to the fact that there are so many can’t-live-without appliances, utensils and accessories today, the issue is how to store everything in an organized manner. The innovative kitchen cabinetry designer has come up with some pretty savvy storage ideas, including:

  • Under sink drawers instead of false fronts.
  • Appliance garages with tambour doors providing an uncluttered countertop.
  • Lazy Susan for corner cabinetry spaces – useful for upper and lower shelving.
  • Four-sided storage elements set into the center island, including place for cookbooks and wine.

Storage Option 2: Eliminate the Crown Molding
When you eliminate crown moldings you may feel that you are losing a fine design element, but think of what you’re gaining – a lost space where you can store seasonal and other less used items. You are also gaining more free time, as you needn’t dust the plants or bric-à-brac that typically occupy this space.

Storage Option 3: You’re Sitting On It!
One of the best-kept secrets for storage is in the base of your kitchen banquet. Your fine cabinetry company can style a brilliant place for ample storage, matching up the wood stain color to the main kitchen cabinets or island. Additionally, the style of compartment storage can be constructed as pullout drawers so as not to disrupt the seat cushions or, as a lift-up style with cushions upholstered directly to the seat.