Kitchen Cabinet Pantry – Treats for the Toddlers

August 8, 2013

Kitchen Design As kitchen cabinetry grows taller with the advent of vaulted ceilings, have you ever taken the time to consider how it affects the youngsters of the household?

Not to worry – this will not impede them for the rest of their lives, but you can do something that helps them and you at the same time.

Kitchen Cabinetry that Encourages Learning

Yes, you read correctly! The way you organize your kitchen cabinetry can impact the way your child learns. For example, if you structure your pantry with the kids in mind, you might be able to get their help without them even realizing that they are learning something new.

The Giving Pantry
Children love to do things for themselves and help mommy in the kitchen. We’ve done a little research and discovered these tips that shed some practical light on how you may want to organize your pantry from now on.

  • Plastic & Paper. By storing your plastic tableware, placemats, napkins and straws on the lower shelf of your pantry cabinetry, you are encouraging your youngster to help set the table.
  • Treats for the Toddlers. Even little chubby hands like to do things themselves. Keep plastic containers filled with cereal and other snacks at their eye level. Color-code the lids so they begin to identify items and where they’re stored. This is a good time to teach them to ask first before taking.
  • Growing & Getting Taller. Eventually, as your child grows taller and more capable, you can reorganize and even keep a stepstool close by.

Before too long you may discover a helping pair of hands when you prep and cook the evening meal!