Kitchen and Bath: Simplifying the Go-Green Process

December 6, 2013

Green Kitchen Recently, Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design participated in a communal project that involved outfitting the Lighthouse ArtCenter with a new kitchen. Actually, it wasn’t completely new – some members of the community donated their cabinets and Schrapper’s and others equally donated fixtures, appliances, installation services and so on. By measuring and fitting the gently used cabinets, Schrapper’s and the former owners of the cabinets furthered the go-green effort by repurposing them.

Other ways to go green in the kitchen are:

  • Cooking – Why use a large oven when a smaller appliance such as a microwave will do the job for a lot less energy consumption?
  • Cleaning – Buying all kinds of expensive cleaning products is a waste and overkill. Household items such as vinegar, lemons, alcohol, peroxide and bleach are just as effective at pennies per use.
  • Products – Reusable water bottles for people on the go result in less in the landfills. Corning Ware® produces products that go from oven or microwave to refrigerator and freezer – you save on plastic wrap and aluminum foil!

Tips for the Bathroom Eco-Effort
There are so many easy ways to become eco-friendly in the bathroom as well. Did you know that organically grown cotton (used in bath linens) require fewer pesticides to manufacture than your average cotton toweling? You can also find shower curtains made from the same organic cotton.

Even the products you use to clean your bathroom and the beauty products you use in the bath are readily available – made out of natural ingredients.

Water consumption is also an area of concern. You may not be in the market to demo and redesign you whole bathroom, but you can change out your showerhead to a low-flow model that cuts down on water use and lowers your water bill.

The thing about going green is it’s a win/win for you and your family, and the precious environment.