Jupiter’s Out-Of-This-World Kitchen Design

May 19, 2014

Once you realize that to reach Jupiter you needn’t board a spaceship, and to find Schrapper’s on the map you need only to locate Indiantown Road, you’re on your way to the finest, most dedicated custom cabinetry company in the tri-county area.

What makes a company stand out from the crowd? Actually, it’s several things. You don’t need to take any notes; we’ve got it all right here for you at your fingertips!

Outstanding Cabinetry

The industry’s standards may be subject to varying degrees and acceptable levels of quality, but at Schrapper’s there’s only one way. What you find when contracting with Schrapper’s is a very well laid out plan that details: 

  •   Sub-Structure. If the sub-structure is not mathematically on the spot with definite measures (field measures) then there’s a good chance that the finished product will be sub standard.
  •   Materials and Components. Inside and out, the cabinetry coming out of Schrapper’s showroom and shop is constructed with top notch materials: wood, finishes and hardware.
  •   And Now for the Creative Design. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or unique a piece of furniture is, if it falls apart two years later. So, while design is important, we know that our designs stand the test of time.

The kitchen cabinetry is an important part of the complete design, but no less important are all of the other elements that fall into place to create the spot where your family gathers every day.

Our designers work with you, your interior designer, architects and builders. Everyone is welcome to get on board and create a customized kitchen with us. We use all the technology available and put our heads together to give you the distinct kitchen of your dreams.