Jungle, Home and Design: Where Leopards & Tigers Co-Habit

April 28, 2015

Leopards will never change their spots, nor will tigers trade in their stripes, but the design industry doesn’t want them to! For the past five decades, home design has introduced these interesting animal skin patterns into home décor.

Stripes and spots are in total design harmony when it comes to fabrics, finishes and accessories. In its hey-day, Carnaby Street in London, England, put extremes in fashion design on the map. If you wanted to find polka dots paired with stripes and checks, Carnaby Street was the place to go. The 1960s saw a trend in design that was a big game changer.

From Clothes to Case Goods
When the mixing and matching of clothing traversed the pond and came to America, it also leapt a chasm and made its way into the home and furniture design industry. The idea of mixing and matching animal prints has been around since the 1980s, evolving as quickly as the industry allows.

It’s Everywhere!
At one time animal prints were most commonly seen as throw rugs on hardwood floors, and sometimes used as wall décor and upholstery fabric. Now, you can find animal prints on occasional tables, lampshades, textiles and doorknobs. Animal print fabrics cover just about everything: sofas, chairs, ottomans and headboards.

In the Kitchen and Bath
But it doesn’t stop there. In the kitchen you can find zebra floor runners, leopard mixers, multi animal print wooden spoons, giraffe potholders and tea towels, and place mats and napkins in a dozen animal prints.

Over in the bathroom you can accessorize with tiger rattan shades, leopard bath towels, and numerous styles of animal prints for tile, area rugs, shower curtains, candles, soap dishes and more.

Pairings of different animal prints work well when using the same color palette – match up honey toned giraffe print with undulating tiger designs of the same tones.

In the jungle many of these species co-habit but do not co-exist. Lucky for you that in your home they all get along!

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