How to Incorporate the Trendy Black Color in Your Kitchen

April 4, 2016

Interior design experts see the color black as a trend whose time has come in terms of kitchen design. Although black may not be your typical choice when choosing color for remodeling your kitchen, it can still give the room an upgraded look when used well. To make it look classy, consider working with a company that is well known for creating custom made designs to complement the rest of your house.

Some of the areas in your kitchen that you can introduce black color and still maintain the elegance of the room are:

Kitchen Cabinets

Black cabinets in a kitchen that has mostly white surfaces stand out thus making them a focal point in the room. You can opt to paint the front part of the cabinet black or have the color cover the entire cabinet space. To complement the cabinets, invest in lighting and appliances that have silver tones to reveal a room that is high contrast and captivating to the eye.

Counter tops

Black marble counter tops are another great way to introduce this trendy color into your kitchen. These countertops give the room a classy look especially when paired with cabinets that have an excellent wooden finish. Also, the use of appropriate lighting allows light to bounce off the counter tops and give reflections on the kitchen wall.

Kitchen appliances

Black kitchen appliances give the room a retro look that is considered quite trendy in interior design circles. Although finding black appliances may be a bit hard but the anticipated final look should keep you motivated to get the best ones for your kitchen.

At Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design, we offer excellent services in custom cabinetry design and kitchen remodeling for a variety of homes in West Palm Beach. You can choose from our wide range of color options for your kitchen remodeling project. Our team of experienced designers will help you select the best black kitchen that meets your daily functions and your personal style as well.

For more information on getting a trendy black kitchen, contact us today for a quote!