How to Make a Kitchen Your Own

November 7, 2013

Kitchen Design As you move into your new house your mind is probably going at quite a pace as you look around and start mentally redesigning everything the past homeowner did. Often it’s just a matter of your paint selections for the walls, some new window treatments and space planning with your furniture. Yet, the kitchen is the special domain of the cook and you may be wondering how to truly make it your own.

Cooks can be finicky about their kitchens. To make it your own and personalize it generally starts with a good cleaning. For the cabinetry use the recommended products to clean all wood surfaces and countertops. You might find that the wood appears to be a different shade and much more lustrous once it’s received a cleaning and buffing. You may also wish to call in a professional steam cleaner for the grout lines between the kitchen tiles. Be sure to seal them once they are clean.

Time to Personalize
Once your kitchen is cleaned to your standards, it’s time for the personalization phase, which can be a great deal of fun. We’ve prepared a few tips to get you started:

  • Take a good look at your window treatments. Do they work well in the kitchen and with your table and chairs and fabrics?
  • Is the lighting working for you? A quick fix to personalizing your space is changing out the pendant lights. If you are a minimalist, switch out the crystal chandelier for a sleeker design.
  • Replacing knobs, pulls and handles are another wonderful way to put your signature on every cabinet door and drawer. The selections available are so varied you are bound to find the design that says, You!

The last suggestion is really the key element in personalizing your kitchen – start cooking! Only you can make that chicken chili or bake that apple pie that your family knows so well. At the end of the day your family will let you know that it’s good to be home.

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