How to Design a Wall Unit or Entertainment Center

February 17, 2020

It will undoubtedly be where you unwind after a taxing day of work and after finally getting the kids to bed – so it had better be special! Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. is here to assist you in designing your very own custom wall unit or entertainment center. Whatever your vision, we are here to help transform it into reality. Sounds good? Here are three helpful tips on getting started when it comes to your custom entertainment center design


Think About Your Electronics


It is obviously important to think ahead in terms of exactly what you want your custom entertainment center to house. Factor in space for all of your already-existing electronics, and be sure to leave a bit of extra room just in case you decide to add to your collection in the future. 


Consider Different Styles


There are countless unique styles that you can incorporate into your new wall unit. Some of the most popular include a wall mount, armoire, and hanging entertainment center. The style that you select will depend on various factors, such as your existing living room decor, your budget, and your preferences. Remember to also choose between a more rustic and traditional aesthetic or a modern and contemporary design. 


Look Into Cabinetry


Would it not be wonderful if your entertainment center also doubled up as a storage unit? This is the reason why many homeowners opt to have spacious cabinetry installed within their wall unit/entertainment center. This cabinetry will definitely come in handy in terms of storing your vinyl, DVD, gaming or CD collection. It can even be used to store your favorite books, board games, consoles, and more. 

Need assistance when it comes to designing a wall unit or entertainment center that stays true to the look and feel of your home? Get in touch with the Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. team today.