How to Design Your Perfect Kitchen

September 19, 2016

Do the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Daniel Boulud inspire you? Intimidate you? Or are you asking, “Who?” Chances are, your reaction would correlate to how you rate cooking on a scale of one (love) to five (hate). Using your rating score is an excellent way to decide how to design your perfect kitchen.

Rating 1 – 2: Passionate Chef

Your ideal kitchen design includes state of the art appliances and ample preparation space. You may even consider adding a seating area for an audience to be awed by your skills and flair. Zealous cooks tend to be as obsessed about their kitchen cabinet designs as they are about fresh ingredients.

With a place for everything and everything neatly in its place, a sleek, contemporary kitchen design appeals to one (cooking) school of thought. The minimalistic layout provides a blank canvas on which to showcase your creations. But it belies the sophistication behind the cabinetry.

Charming traditional kitchen cabinets get other (culinary) juices flowing. Soul food is prepared with love in the warmth of this style. The kitchen cabinets designs are crafted to draw attention to traditional architectural and ornamental elements.

Rating 3 – 4:  Meh

Is it the never-ending chore of cooking family meals that dulls its allure for you? If so, nothing beats a transitional kitchen style. This design is timeless, and yet seamlessly adapts as your taste (buds) change. When you design kitchen cabinets for this style of kitchen, a neutral foundation allows for metamorphosis as needed to keep you from growing bored in the kitchen.

Rating 5: You have got to be kidding

If a kitchen is to you like garlic is to a vampire, the best kitchen remodeling ideas for you would be to incorporate a large seated area and sufficient space to house a stylish coffee machine. Then make friends with someone from the rating 1 – 2 group.

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