Hearth and Home

February 10, 2014

Florida Strawberry monthFebruary is a sweet, sweet month of many national celebrations that include food, fruits and fun. National attention is given to the: avocado, banana, grapefruit, star fruit, cherry, the Florida strawberry, as well as the sweet potato and exotic vegetables. It is also "Bake for Family Fun" month and "National Hot Breakfast Month." Undeniably, you could spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but that’s a real pleasure when you’ve contracted with Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design for your chic yet homey updated kitchen.

Everything at Your Fingertips
Once you’ve designed and built your dream kitchen, the next series of kitchen-fun begins. There are some pretty fantastic small kitchen appliances and utensils on the market that make preparing February’s celebrated foods all the easier. Here are some phenomenal finds, based on this month’s national celebrations: 

  • Grapefruit Month. Cuisipro has a citrus juicer designed on an angle with measuring cup attached.
  • Sweet Potato Month. Check out the latest potato masher that works based on a rotating motion rather than a pounding motion. Find it at Chef’s Planet.
  • Exotic Vegetables Month. We found two smart gadgets – an ergonomic squared-off colander from Joseph Joseph, through the Conran Shop, and a silicon steamer from TOVOLO. 
  • Florida Strawberry Month. Williams and Sonoma sell the "stem gem" for strawberry hulling without a hitch! 

When you’re all done prepping and cooking your fresh, delicious food, you’ll be happy to learn of these two products for easier clean up: 

  • Scoop Sponge. The arched design means faster drying time and less bacteria on your countertops. Go to Full Circle Home to find this super sponge.
  • Sensor Soap Pump. Motion-detecting soap dispenser (this means hassle-free and hands free) with four settings for volume of soap (or hand lotion). Find it at Williams and Sonoma.