Hardware & Fixtures

February 22, 2010

In alignment with accessories – hardware and fixtures fill a particular niche by adding and completing a vision for a piece of furniture or an entire room. From hinges and handles to pulls and knobs, each plays an integral part in the construction and design of the final product.
The vendors that Schrapper’s enlists to complement their cabinetry are chosen with great care and must adhere to their philosophy of supplying quality products that withstand the test of time. Schrapper’s trademark reputation of carrying superior products and services is established through long-term relationships with their suppliers, ultimately building an allegiance that is passed along to you.

Cabinetry Hardware

contemporary hardwareDesign is often an eclectic mix of contemporary, modern, traditional and other styles; however, when it comes to cabinetry hardware, you want everything matching 100%. Whether you are taken with brushed nickel, pewter, polished chrome or brass, Schrapper’s makes sure that each piece of hardware is carefully crafted and matches the tone of your design.

Lighting Fixtures

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There are hundreds of styles from which to choose in each category of lighting. Some individual entertainment centers engage more than one type of lighting and larger rooms may use all three:

  • Task
  • General
  • Ambient

When you visit Schrapper’s showroom you have the widest selection that includes choices of the crisp, clean white halogen fixtures, as well as various fluorescent options, all of which enhance and adorn your furnishings and cabinetry. Schrapper’s exceptional suppliers of lighting include: Access Lighting, Ambience, Capannoli, Hera, Kichler, Natural Light, Tech, and WAC.

Plumbing Fixtures

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When it comes to plumbing fixtures there are more levels of quality than you may realize. Schrapper’s carries only the best with the highest ratings for function and design. Considering their strict rule of supplying only the best products and services to their clientele, it won’t surprise you to find the following high caliber names under Schrapper’s roof: American Standard, Axolo, Bach, Franke, Grohe, Hansgrohe, KWC, Kohler, LeFroy and Brooks, Moen and Phylrick.

Schrapper’s – dedicated to designing your dream.