Green Kitchen and Bath Design

May 24, 2010

While it can be a challenge to find added profits in a tough economy, sometimes all it takes is finding the right niche. Indeed many kitchen and bath designers have found that they can increase their profitability merely by finding a strong specialty area, developing an expertise in that area and marketing it appropriately.

That might be green design, unique powder rooms, high-end, one-of-a-kind kitchens or designs that promote wellness. 5KU58R3JDD6T While the right niche can vary based on locale and the designer’s strengths and clientele, the one commonality is having a unique point of differentiation that takes them from merely “product provider” to renowned expert and visionary.

It really takes green to make green. We believe in the power of green design, both ideologically and for its profit potential. Instead of doing price versus value, we determine the issues of passion for the client. Successfully selling profitable ‘green’ kitchens are much like selling any project, in that customers are interested in selection, value and knowledgeable designers. Since there are fewer design professionals who are truly experienced in the intricacies of green design, this can become a strong way for designers to set themselves apart—especially if they can effectively market this expertise.

Being green is multi faceted. We want to save the earth and we want clean air in our homes. And we want to be efficient. So we now focus our attention on manufacturers and product lines that can help us to do this. For example, consider using lyptus which gives the client a feeling of being super ‘green’, unique and value conscious. LED lighting (energy efficient and much cooler) has become our standard and allows us to stand out over our competition, which still views LED as too expensive.

If you’re a designer and have a great understanding of how to help people maintain their health, that is a marketable product. That’s how you make a profit in this business—marketing.