Going Greener: Our Groundbreaking LEED Project

January 13, 2014

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design is extremely proud to be a part of the first LEED certified home in Palm Beach. Schrapper’s supplied all of the cabinetry for this project, which may have you wondering, what exactly qualifies cabinetry as LEED certified?

In fact, cabinetry cannot be LEED certified. It can, however, contribute to the overall LEED certification and raise the bar by offering a higher volume of MR Credits (Materials and Resources), adding to the number of points earned on the project. Cabinetry and other products contribute to the project but cannot, alone, achieve LEED certification.

What to Look For in Sustainable Cabinetry
A primary factor in sustainable cabinetry is the notable absence of urea-formaldehyde. IEQ Credit 4.4 is given for low-emitting materials; agrifiber products (manufactured from agricultural fiber) and composite wood receive a point. One to two points can be earned through use of regional materials (MR Credit 5). It is stringently required that materials be harvested, recovered and manufactured within 500 miles of the building site.

Additionally, clear wood finishes may not exceed the volatile organic compound (VOC) limits legislated by this organization.

A Platinum Project
There are different ratings for each project; all accomplished through due diligence and earned credits when choosing green, sustainable materials and products. This particular project rated "Platinum!"

To find out more about LEED certification contact the U.S. Green Building Council located in Washington, D.C. On their site you will find how LEED can: 

  • Be a healthier and safer environment for occupants
  • Increase the asset value while lowering operating costs
  • Conserve water, electricity and other resources while qualifying for money-saving incentives such as government incentives, tax rebates and zoning allowances

As more green products and sustainable materials become available, we all stand a better chance of living a healthier life while giving back to our planet.