Getting a Handle on Hardware

March 5, 2013

The part of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom that sets the stage for what follows is the design. Choosing the right designer or quality cabinetry company is of the utmost importance. Once a plan has been drafted, the larger elements of the project are chosen: the style and finish of cabinetry, flooring, walls, ceiling and lighting. Pulling together the entire look takes a keen eye. But it doesn’t stop there.

Hardware is an essential element as well. When building cabinetry and redoing a kitchen or bath, hardware comes into play more often than you may realize: The hinges to install doors, the drawer glides and electrical receptacles are the hidden, less considered hardware. Quality metals and craftsmanship is extremely important when building and installing cabinets. They may not be visible, but you’ll know when they’re not doing their job. Cabinet doors that start to list to one side, and drawers that are off-kilter are examples of this.

Hardware’s Star Attraction

What you do see and generally identify as hardware is the external – the jewelry of kitchen, bath and living room cabinetry. The selection of door handles, pulls, knobs and latches is greater than it has ever been, with styles, designs, colors and materials pushing the envelope in creativity. In today’s market you can choose from hundreds of thousands of incredibly and beautifully crafted designs. Be sure, though, that when choosing these final touches you pay attention not only to the creation itself, but the creator. There are quality manufacturers that produce high-end pulls and knobs that will hold up well under constant use. The decorative hardware is not just another pretty face. When you choose wisely you will understand the value of not having to go shopping to try and replace, and match, a broken knob, and that is worth its weight in gold!

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