Get Rid of These Outdated Kitchen Trends in 2023

December 7, 2020

Updating the appearance of your kitchen cabinetry is one method of giving your home a fresh look. With all the different design elements out there, it can be challenging to choose the best fit. Just be sure to avoid certain outdated kitchen trends in 2023. Let us look into the trends that are dying a slow death and should be avoided in the new decade.

Outdated Kitchen Trends

If you are undertaking a new kitchen renovation, make sure to steer clear of these five trends to keep your kitchen from looking dated before you even break it in.

1. An all-white kitchen 

White is irreplaceable, and there are not many shades that can stand up to this serene color’s timeless appeal. However, the idea of an all-white kitchen with white cabinetry, white fixtures, and even white tile countertops and white flooring has begun to lose favor as an ongoing trend. It tends to give a washed-out look to the space and becomes overwhelming. Besides, it has been so overdone in the last decade that it is becoming an eyesore. Other options that are going strong include natural wood tones, neutral colors, hardwood floors, bold cabinetry, and even a splash of color that pops on one statement wall.

2. Pot racks 

Pot racks certainly had their moment in kitchen design. However, placing a large pot rack over a central kitchen island is no longer your best bet. Opting for a redesign that is sleek and minimalistic will remain a safe choice for years to come. Say no to the concept of pot racks hanging over your kitchen island as it does not go well with the theme of a contemporary or modern kitchen. Instead, the preferred choice is to neatly organize them into stacks and store them in drawers or cupboards as opposed to living out in the open.

3. Brass hardware and traditional knobs and handles 

Traditional chrome- and nickel knobs and pulls are no longer a popular kitchen design option. The leading trend is organic knobs and pulls that infuse warmth and character into the kitchen space with their presence. Ditch the brass in favor of more natural wood hardware. ‘Warm’ is the trend to look for, and you can really warm up painted cabinetry with a touch of wood.

4. Over-the-range appliances like your microwave 

The time for over-the-range appliances is over. These appliances take up precious space in your kitchen, and they play wrong with the overall ambiance of the kitchen as well by jutting out from every nook and corner. Instead, concealed appliances are the flavor of the day. They blend seamlessly with the theme of your kitchen and set off a suave definition.

5. Over-the-top features (such as a brightly colored or patterned backsplash and brightly colored appliances) 

Bold kitchen colors are on-trend but avoid choosing bright colors for appliances. The worst kitchen trends are the ones that make it hard or nearly impossible to update around, like color appliances or large tile murals as the backsplash above the cooktop. If you are going to deviate away from stainless steel appliances, err on the side of caution and select a neutral hue. We all love bold, patterned tiles, but your kitchen backsplash is not the best place for it. They look too busy and date quickly. Keep your coloring simple and layer it with texture rather than color and pattern. To add in color or pattern, accessorize with cookbooks, flowers, and easily movable utensils.

6. Overly Matchy-Matchy Everything

The days of having to perfectly match cabinet colors, countertops, and appliances in your kitchen are long gone. Kitchens with a lot of uniformity need more character and may seem cold. Mixing and matching is the current fashion. For a more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, combine various cabinet treatments, combine wood and metal, or add contrasting colors.

7. Closed-Off Kitchens

Kitchens are now fully locked off as they once were. Separating the kitchen from the living area feels outmoded and discourages conversation during parties. The best kitchens are still those with an open concept, where the eating and cooking spaces flow into one another and the living area. They make your home feel more relaxed and inviting, improve socializing while cooking, and enhance the sense of space.

8. Excessive Open Shelving

While open shelves can give your kitchen a modern, industrial feel, maintaining balance is essential. A crowded appearance and a frequent need for dusting might result from having too many exposed shelves. Consider combining closed and open storage as an alternative to removing all the above cabinets. You can do this to show off your favorite cookware while concealing regular goods behind closed cabinet doors.

9. Monochromatic Color Schemes

Few people use monochromatic color schemes when everything in the kitchen is one hue or tint. They could be shallow and visually dull. Consider using complementing materials or colors in your kitchen design in 2023. For instance, include contrasting colors into your island or countertop option or match neutral cabinetry with a striking backsplash.

10. Lack of Technology Integration

Kitchens are becoming more than places to prepare food; they are also centers of connectivity and technology. A kitchen with improper technological integration is an outmoded trend. Accept voice-activated systems, intelligent appliances, charging stations, and under-cabinet lights with USB ports. These cutting-edge upgrades improve functionality and update your kitchen for the twenty-first century.

11. Excessive Ornate Details

Kitchen designs that are overly elaborate and complex are becoming less popular. Your kitchen may feel outmoded if it has heavy moldings, extremely detailed cabinet doors, or complicated patterns. Right now, simplicity and clean lines are fashionable. Choose streamlined and sleek cabinet designs that appear contemporary and are simpler to keep clean.

12. Lack of Sustainable Materials

With a greater focus being placed on sustainability, eco-friendly kitchens are quickly becoming out of style. When remodeling your kitchen, stay away from non-recyclable or non-sustainable materials. Instead, consider sustainable solutions for cabinets, energy-efficient appliances, and water-saving fixtures like bamboo or repurposed wood. By doing this, you not only lessen your impact on the environment but also increase the usefulness and value of your kitchen.

13. Generic Lighting Fixtures

Lighting generic or outdated fixtures might take away from your kitchen’s overall beauty. Avoid fluorescent lights and simple, uninteresting fixtures. Statement lighting that acts as a decorative element and an illumination source is frequently found in contemporary kitchens. Add pendant lights, chandeliers, or under-cabinet lighting if you want to give your room style and utility.

You can ensure that your area stays fashionable, functional, and appealing for years by avoiding these old kitchen fads and introducing new ideas into your kitchen renovation. At Schrappers, we specialize in developing contemporary and classic kitchen designs that capture your taste and requirements. To learn more about how we can make your kitchen a room that genuinely endures the test of time, contact us immediately.

Achieving a More Timeless Look

There is an endless pool of designs out there, so spare yourself the effort of mistakenly choosing outdated kitchen trends and go for fresh and more contemporary ones instead. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc., located in Jupiter, FL, provides fine custom cabinetry design, remodeling, and installation services for the entire home. We can provide you with the creativity and knowledge to ensure you and your family will enjoy your new space for many years to come. For more information, contact us today for a free consultation.