Garage: Another Name for Man Cave!

March 10, 2014

If you’ve walked around your neighborhood recently and noticed a lot of garage doors open, this next bit of information may clarify why so many are in the up position. Kitchens, baths, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms all still seem to be the domain of the woman. If this sounds archaic, it is to a degree, but the fact remains that men generally give it up to the homemaker. All they ask for in return is the basement, attic, rec room or garage – the caveman habitats.

The Evolution of the Garage
At one time the garage was the place to park your car. It quickly became a catchall for tools, sports equipment, seasonal decorations and every other item that never had a home.

Along came the idea of "organizing" the garage, based on an immediate need as the contents began to exceed space. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design has stepped in more than once to design good looking and functional cabinetry for garages and rec rooms.

An Additional Room is Born!
Homeowners were pleasantly surprised that a garage could look so good. Men started hanging out there on purpose. The premise was that they had a project, but we all know that it was filled with masculine identity and no need to wipe feet!

What followed was evolution at its finest. The garage morphed quickly and silently became the place to: 

  • Watch Television. Screen size is never a problem – garage walls are big. 
  • Television Watching Accessories. Initially folding chairs were the standard. Old recliners, comfy sofas and tables to hold beer and pretzels replaced the uncomfortable seating.
  • Other Television Watching Accoutrements. It was only a matter of time before the guys joined in and started playing cards and smoking cigars.


The rest is history, as they say. Flooring, well-structured cabinetry, wall art and great lighting became a defining part of the details that really made the garage a cool place to hang out. Regardless if your garage has been converted to a man-cave or not, Schrapper’s has the perfect design for your storage and recreational needs in any part of your home.