From Kitchens to Baths: It’s National Home Furnishings Month!

September 5, 2013

Talk about an exciting time! The average person may not fully comprehend how big a deal this time of the year is. National Home Furnishings Month impacts a lot of people and numerous industries. Think about it in terms of the children’s story: "The House that Jack Built." The premise is that one thing leads to another and, invariably, the acquisition of a house leads to many other necessities and purchases. Home Furnishings Month  often the impetus to actually buying a home – for some, their very first!

National Home Furnishings MonthSome of the industries that benefit directly from the purchase of a new home include:

  • Property Inspection
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks & Mortgage Lenders
  • Landscape & Interior Designers

Once the new owners close on their house, the fun begins with painting, furnishing and accessorizing. This is the best time to renovate your kitchen, bath or living room.

National Home Furnishings Month: Perks and Pluses!

The basic idea behind the creation of the celebration is to unite retailer and customer – opening up the channel of communication and empowering the customer to make more sound purchase decisions based on knowledge.

All over the country cities create their own personalized events and attract a wide audience of first-timers. The North American Home Furnishings Association (NAHFA) has personalized the month long celebration with a simple slogan that emphasizes their goal: Is it Home Yet?

This nationwide event typically kicks off during the Labor Day weekend and lasts until the end of the month. There is no end to the festivities. During the launch in 2011, one lucky individual won the Home Mortgage or Rent Sweepstakes.

Check out participating retailers and services in your area to take part in some of the fun that’s going on this coming September: from out west to the east coast.