Five Fine Cabinetry “Need-To-Know” Tips!

January 28, 2015

The first-time around buyers of fine kitchen or bathroom cabinetry can feel that they are in the dark as they choose from so many different options in the various lines of cabinetry. Here are a few tips that shed some light on your next cabinetry purchase, whether you’re in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Boynton, Delray or Boca Raton, you’re sure to want to know the 411 on cabinetry!

The 411 on Fine Cabinetry
Our first tip is to know about and understand that cabinetry, and furniture, is built from a variety of materials. We’ve listed some of the main ones used, from best quality to lowest:  

  •    Solid hard wood or hard wood with veneer. Due to the fact that these are quality materials, you will find the construction to be of a higher quality as well. Dovetailed corners, reinforced joints, and wood screws, never nails or staples, are used for a high-end finished product.
  •    Medium and soft woods, with and without veneer. These woods do not stand up as well as the hard woods, yet are still a decent quality.
  •    Medium density fiberboard (MDF) with veneer. A manmade product, MDF is durable but will absorb moisture and expand when wet.
  •    Particleboard with laminate or paper veneer. We understand that cost can often be a deciding factor when purchasing cabinetry, however, investing in this material will definitely lead to a short term fix.

Our second tip, and this is extremely important, is to align with a reputable cabinetry shop. Whether you partner with Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry or not, you should ask to see a full portfolio, request references and follow up on these references. Due diligence is key when purchasing a high-ticket item. 

Third, allow the cabinetry company to come in for field measures and give them ample time to measure and plan out the measurement of each component. Uneven floors can be a challenge when installing cabinetry, and this is where skilled professionals incorporate great designers, finishers and installers. 

Fourth, ask lots of questions. A knowledgeable customer is the best kind of customer to have. Questions about the cabinetry materials, hardware, appliances and lighting will enhance the overall experience and minimize problems.

Our fifth tip is for your peace of mind when ordering a new kitchen. Get a timeline from your supplier to have a better idea of when each component will be installed.