Fine Cabinetry’s Long Shelf Life: Your Budget Can Buy Time!

October 21, 2014


Transitional Kitchen


Does kitchen and bathroom cabinetry have a shelf life? You wouldn’t think so, however, opting for materials on the low end of the quality scale can result in having to replace your cabinetry in a shorter period of time.

Budget often dictates what choices are available for your kitchen cabinetry re-design. Premium wood varieties such as rosewood, teak and walnut might be out of your price range, but even scaled back budgets can afford a good quality wood and associated materials when building kitchen and bath cabinetry.

The Kitchen Happy Medium
When you discuss your kitchen design plans and budget with Schrapper’s designers and cabinetmakers, the emphasis is on what pleases you and how we are able to fulfill that vision.

Are you aware that many woods’ natural color can be adjusted to resemble other woods? For example, you can stain a more abundant and less expensive wood to replicate the tones of cherry or walnut.

Additionally, the secondary wood used in cabinetry for backs and sides of drawers and cabinets is equally amenable to budget. Using an inexpensive beech or even a product such as MDF – medium density fiberboard (compressed wood and adhesive product of a higher quality than particle board) can be effective and longer wearing.

Eighty-Six the Extras
Just like when buying a good quality car you can pick and choose, a la carte, your interior seating materials (leather, vinyl, fabric) that don’t affect the vehicle’s driving performance, cabinetry can be first-rate on a minimal budget. Where we are able to stay within your financial perimeters is with fewer bells and whistles and keeping the main focus on primary A-One materials for the actual kitchen cabinetry.

Homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders in Jupiter and every corner of Palm Beach and surrounding counties know the quality of Schrapper’s custom kitchens and bathrooms. The value we place on our clients is reflected in the pride we take in designing and building our cabinetry.