January 23, 2013

The past few years have been a turning point for builders and designers alike. A serious effort to create beautiful buildings and products from materials that are sustainable and do not harm the eco-system has bas been at the top of the list for many industrial manufacturers.

What Do the Letters LEED Stand For?
They are an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

What Exactly Does Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Mean?
Simply put, that the quality of air, water and efficiency of energy is the prerequisite when choosing building materials and methods of construction. It allows you to track or measure the sustainability of your home or building. For example, to be recognized as LEED platinum (the highest rating) one must achieve 90 points out of a possible 136.

How Does One Qualify as LEED
There is a series of rating systems for building materials, design and operation of homes, buildings and entire neighborhoods. For individual certification one must study and pass an exam. You can be an active part of the future of the planet by getting an education and becoming a member of a very proactive group of socially conscious people.

What Does the Future Hold for LEED Certification?
As countries around the globe gain social awareness, LEED certified companies are gaining ground and making headway in the Eco-Friendly sustainable way of conducting business. Internationally, this movement is growing as 135 countries now participate in this voluntary, third party verifiable system.

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