Entertainment Centers Need a Super Sofa: Designer Tips

August 22, 2013

Entertainment Center DesignAn expertly designed entertainment center is the focal point of most living rooms and great rooms. They command the place that they inhabit as they contribute to the design, entertainment and storage of the family’s recreational space.

To a degree, entertainment centers are the most important aspect of the room, but when you consider their use in conjunction with watching television or playing video games, you come to realize how equally important the family sofa is.

10 Terrific Tips for a Super Sofa

Designers tend to have their favorite styles for most pieces of furniture, and sofas are no different. Have a look at these tips targeting the construction and style of sofas, offered up by several interior designers:

  1. Cut out a template of the actual size of the sofa and sit or lie on it. This helps when your imagination only takes you so far.
  2. Deeper is better when it comes to being comfy and cozy. If it’s too deep, simply toss some throw pillows into the mix and voilà – instant back support.
  3. When there’s a lot going on in the room already, pick a plain pattern.
  4. Tight backs and Scotchgard© are two wonderful options when selecting your family room sofa. You stand a chance with kids in the house!
  5. When a sofa is 60" or smaller, opt for one seat cushion instead of two. With two you limit room for three to sit as the division is clearly marked. 70" sofas can be divided nicely into three seat cushions.
  6. If a family member has a dust allergy, it’s best to stay away from skirted furniture, as well as full window treatments.
  7. Test the sturdiness of the sofa structure by lifting one of the front legs five to seven inches off the ground. If it’s well constructed, the other front leg should lift at the same time.
  8. Full coil springs last longer than zigzag springs and can be repaired individually, one at a time if necessary.
  9. Your entertainment unit can help decide the proportions of your sofa. A large sectional sofa or two sofas perpendicular to it, one on either side, balance an oversized entertainment center.
  10. Question the materials that are used in the sofa’s construction. A combination of foam and down gives you the best of both worlds: comfort and cleaner lines.