Eclectic Isn’t Going Anywhere: 2013 Trends

January 1, 2013

As we bid good-bye to 2012, prepare to welcome in 2013 as the year of Eclectic Gone Wild! Much like history has turned a page on the age of "there’s only one way of doing things" kitchen and bath design has turned a corner – and it isn’t likely going back any time soon.

According to the industry, this coming year you can expect to hear the buzzwords:

  • Eclectic – essentially not a style unto itself, but a mélange of styles optimizing the many likes and passions of an individual into a design fashion that more than coexists – it flourishes and makes a statement.
  • New Traditional – many are using this term as a replacement for transitional. The fact remains that transitional can never be replaced; it is the neutral palette of design styles. However, new traditional is a lighter, breezier rendition of classic tradition.
  • Soft Contemporary – just as contemporary softened the harder edges of modern when it emerged on the scene; soft contemporary is the next level of clean, yet soft lines, colors, accents and lighting.

Repeats and Improvements

Keeping an eye on Eco-Friendly products and services, this movement marches forward into 2013, and rightly so. You can expect to see more of the industry’s socially correct focus that harmonizes high fashion décor with planetary cause.

  • Water – minimizing waste in the kitchen and bath continues with low-flow systems that maintain the chic look you have come to expect with high-end design companies such as Schrapper’s.
  • Finishes – continue to impress and inspire. The colors of 2013 are vibrant and lush. Pair the 2013 Pantone color pick, Emerald, with a finish that is sleek and smooth and you have a new look that doesn’t ride on the coattails of former years!
  • Organics – have consistently been on the forefront of interior design coupling natural, organic materials and textures with a greener vision. This socially conscious fusion of design and ecology will continue to experience growth in the upcoming year.

The next 12 months are full of surprises. Expect to experience the beautiful world of interior design like you’ve never experienced it before!

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