Documenting Your Design Project Through Photography

February 26, 2013

Documenting a design project is a good idea for various reasons. One of the key reasons is that people love taking family photographs, and documented progress is much like watching your kids grow up – each stage is exciting. However, there are other reasons why this is a worthwhile exercise.

  • Another Perspective: When looking at a photograph your eye can pick up on something that you might not notice standing in the room. It is a way of standing back and being an impartial observer. A crooked line is more apparent when viewed at a distance than when up close and personal.
  • The Before and After: Changes that take place can be so dramatic that you don’t even remember what the room looked like before. Photo documenting is beneficial, but seeing the before and after is more than satisfying. You can also create a slide show and email to your out of town family and friends.
  • Wall Art in Your New Room: Enlarging and framing the before and after photos personalizes your new space and gives the room a sense of the historical change that took place. Your room now has provenance

Other Forms of Documentation

Keeping tabs on the progress of your design project should also be kept up when undertaking larger, multi faceted interior design construction. When each aspect of the design is kept current in a binder with a calendar highlighting specific dates, you are reminded to contact a supplier when the next step of the project is underway and certain materials haven’t yet arrived. It’s better to over-document than not.

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