Factors to Consider When Designing an Entertainment Center

May 2, 2023

Looking to enhance your viewing experience while complementing your home decor? Designing an entertainment center can provide you with a beautiful and central location for your television, gaming systems, and audio equipment. However, it can be overwhelming to choose the right cabinetry size and style for your entertainment system. Here are some factors to consider.

Choose the Right Cabinetry Size

It is crucial to select the right size cabinetry. If your room is small, a large entertainment center can make the space feel cramped. Choosing smaller entertainment center cabinetry for a large room, however, may make the room feel empty or detract from the overall aesthetic of the room. 

To choose the right size cabinetry, you need to measure the dimensions of your television and the wall space where you want to place the entertainment center. Just ensure you leave enough space around the television so that you will be able to easily access the back panel. Don’t forget to consider the number of components you need to store (such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, and speakers). We suggest having one shelf for each component and enough space for cords and cables.

Functionality Matters

It may be tempting to focus on aesthetics but your entertainment center should also be functional. Ensure that the cabinetry accommodates all of your components and provides easy access to cords and cables. If you have a lot of cords and cables, consider custom cabinetry that can be designed to hide them, or choose built-in cable management systems. 

Ventilation is also an important factor as your components can generate a lot of heat. Choose designs that have ventilation holes or fans to ensure proper airflow. You could also include built-in cooling systems to keep components at a safe operating temperature.

Choose Styles That Complement Your Decor

Ideally, you should choose styles that complement your decor. Thankfully there are many entertainment center designs available. You can choose from traditional to modern, rustic to industrial designs. 

If your room has a traditional style, consider an entertainment center with wood cabinetry like mahogany or cherry. If your room has a modern style, look for designs with sleek lines and minimalistic features. Rustic designs will include natural wood finishes and details, while industrial designs tend to feature more metal and reclaimed wood materials. 

Custom cabinetry will ensure you find the style you prefer. Regardless of the design you choose, ensure it fits with the style of your room and your personal preference.

Match Colors to Your Room

The colors of your entertainment center should complement the overall color scheme of your room. If your walls are a neutral color, don’t be afraid to play with bold vibrant colors or patterns. However, if your walls have a bold or brighter color, it may be best to choose an entertainment center design with neutral colors.

Don’t forget to consider the finish of the cabinetry when selecting colors. Matte finishes have a more natural, organic look, while glossy finishes are more modern and contemporary. Some entertainment center designs even incorporate mixed finishes, such as wood and metal, to create a unique look.

Consult a Cabinetry Design Expert

Designing an entertainment center can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure about the right size, style, and colors to choose. That is why consulting a cabinetry design expert is so important. A cabinetry design expert from Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. can help you select the right entertainment center design based on your personal preferences and the dimensions of your room.

When designing an entertainment center, reach out to our team for expert advice and the best cabinetry!