Design ideas for the perfect home office

July 5, 2021

Working from a home office is becoming increasingly common, and it is essential that you have the right place to focus and concentrate when working from home. When properly designed, a home office can allow you to work more efficiently and, above all, more comfortably. Here are some home office design ideas that will help you transform your space into a private haven where you can get some serious work done.

Top tips for your home office design and layout 

If you need some inspiration to help you set up that perfect home office, here are some expert tips on how you can design your office space to maximize productivity, comfort, and style.

Ergonomic office furniture

The ideal home office setup is all about having the perfect workstation. You may love freestanding desks and contemporary design, but before purchasing any office furniture, ask yourself whether it is practical and functional. A dedicated home office is not complete without a stylish, ergonomic office chair. Ergonomics and comfort go a long way, which is why investing in a decent office chair with proper back support and height becomes essential. It is also crucial to have a sturdy office desk that is big enough to accommodate your laptop, files, and other basic office supplies. If you need ample storage space for files, opt for a desk with built-in drawer space and a tall shelving unit that can neatly hide away all your paperwork and files to keep the clutter at bay.

Built-in tech storage and modern shelving 

An expert trick to maximize space and create a wow factor is a wall of built-in bookshelves and cabinetry, in front of which you can place your desk. The cabinetry hides unsightly Wi-Fi boxes and office supplies, while open shelving provides an opportunity to showcase your personality with accessories (and create a chic video call background). Simple coffered panels and floor-to-ceiling shelves can be structured in a way that projects contemporary style. Floating shelves are a hallmark of contemporary design, and, as the name suggests, these shelves appear to float along the wall, with no visible hardware holding them up. An eclectic combination of built-in arched shelves, a modern desk, and a metal pendant light can all come together into an inviting modern home office workspace.

Think in color 

Different colors can affect your mood in different ways, so choosing the right paint color for your work area is no small matter. A bold blue promotes clear thought, while softer blues help calm the mind and aid concentration. Brighter colors, such as orange and yellow, help spark creativity and energy. Darker, more morose colors may look stylish but are far less stimulating and may make you more tired and less inclined to work. Keep your workspace light and airy, but consider painting one wall a bolder color to keep your creativity flowing. Alternatively, painting your office space in a pale pastel shade can instantly make the entire area feel lighter and boost productivity.

Let the light in 

Getting the perfect lighting for your ideal office workspace is just as important as selecting your color palettes and desk area. Lighting can make all the difference in boosting creativity, as a dark space can leave you feeling tired and uninspired. By arranging plenty of mirrors around the room to reflect any natural light you have, you can create the illusion of luminosity. As exposure to natural light increases productivity, arranging your office décor so that you have an unobstructed view through the window will help to offer some respite from staring at the computer screen all day. 

Wallcoverings, window treatments, and flooring are essential, but the built-in cabinetry is the cornerstone of a neat and beautiful home office space. The design and layout of your office cabinetry are crucial to the workability of the space. For more home office design ideas and a quote on custom cabinetry design and installation for your home office in the West Palm Beach area, contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. today.