Decorating Daily in the Kitchen: Schrapper’s Creative Tips

October 10, 2013

Kitchen Accessories and Design Take a look at some of the prominent kitchen designs today and you notice the neutral color palettes in walls, floors, cabinetry and countertops, gleaming appliances and sinks, and unique lighting fixtures throughout.

Kitchens of days gone by underwent redesign simply by changing the color of the café curtains over the kitchen sink and replacing the chair cushions, and artwork on the walls to match. Don’t count on those days coming back any time soon. Still, homeowners do enjoy mixing it up a little so that the kitchen – the hub of your home – maintains that special feeling. We’ve got some tips to make you go ooh each time you enter this special room in your house!

Keeping it Fresh and Fanciful

Daily, weekly, seasonally – your kitchen can be a place of color and surprises. Consider some of these tips to enhance the beautiful backdrop of your modern, redesigned room:

  •    Bowls of lemons in the kitchen, according to plantation folklore, are considered to be a sign of prosperity. We like to think it’s more about the color and lovely scent they add to your home.
  •    Changing the bowl and the fruit can be done daily. Readily available fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas provide healthy choices for your kids and a focal spot of color.
  •    On a weekly basis a vase of flowers also adds to the artistry in the kitchen, as well as the aroma of fresh cut blooms. Try arrangements in one color or shades of your favorite colors. A bouquet of field flowers really jazzes it up!
  •    Seasonally you can change the runner on your dining table – blossoms and fruit patterns in spring and summer, and deeper earth tones for autumn and winter. Matching valances at the windows complete the look.

Your regular trips to the grocery store will become a part of the design adventure as you look for ways to spice up your table and countertops. Be prepared to start looking at fresh flowers, fruits and seasonal gourds in a brand new way!