Custom cabinetry: Outdated elements to avoid

July 20, 2020

Updating the appearance of your custom cabinetry is one method of giving your home a fresh look. With all the different design possibilities out there, it can be challenging to choose the best fit. Just be sure to avoid certain design elements that may make your cabinetry look outdated.

These design trends are making your cabinetry look outdated

Distressed wood cabinetry

You cannot go wrong with the simple, rustic feel of wooden cabinetry. Although the distressed range is a popular wood finish often applied in home remodeling, it is on its way out as a trend. But still, many designers say this is trendy in 2020. However, if this look is not for you, you may want to browse for other design and style ideas to give your cabinetry a more modern appearance.

Cabinetry with raised panel doors

Raised panel doors give a traditional look for cabinetry that many select as an alternative. These days, however, it is not a trendy cabinetry design element as it used to be. The same goes for additional cabinetry features, such as partial overlays.

Oversized hardware

Size does not always matter in home remodeling. Selecting the latest and most extensive range of hardware, for instance, like the long silver handles that are becoming so popular these days, would be sufficient to modify your kitchen cabinetry. You should consider, however, whether it will suit your space.

Ornate Cabinetry

Selecting customized cabinetry with elaborate design elements might work in your kitchen if your home adheres to classical architecture. You can update your cabinetry without resorting to curls, twists, and other similar features. Steer clear or risk making your kitchen appear old-fashioned.

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