Creating the Right Kitchen for Your Fixer-Upper

May 13, 2015

If you’ve purchased a house at a bargain price, you’re definitely going to have to invest in the renovations that make it more than just habitable. Most new homeowners of a fixer-upper assess the condition of each room of the house. The rooms that are used more than any others are generally kitchens and baths. While you want every room to be comfortable and nicely decorated, the kitchen is the hub of a household, and bathrooms get almost as much use.

The Kitchen Design Guru
If you had a kitchen design guru to guide you through the process, the advice that you would get would probably go something like this:

  •   First, look at the overall architecture of the house and find out its history, when it was built and what was going on in building trends at the time.
  •   Second, take a look at other homes on your street and in your neighborhood.
  •  Third, invest in an inspector to fully diagnose the infrastructure, from building materials to plumbing and electrical.
  •  Fourth, time to have a little fun! Make some calls to kitchen design companies and set up appointments to visit their showrooms, peruse their portfolios and get some references to contact. Most kitchen designers can take you on a tour of their work in various clients’ homes.
  •   Fifth, figure out a design that genuinely pleases you and request a quote.

 Living in Fine Style!

When you get quotes from local kitchen designers in and around West Palm Beach, be sure to ask them for their estimated completion date. Living without a kitchen is okay for a little while, but you don’t want it to go on indefinitely. Dealing with a reputable kitchen designer, such as Schrapper’s, is one way of knowing you’re in good hands.

Before you know it, you’ll be dining in fine style in your brand new kitchen. Doing the groundwork, before breaking ground, is the smartest move you can make. The whole idea behind purchasing a fixer-upper is so you can save money. When you do your homework before demolition, you continue to save. After all, there are still bathrooms, bedrooms and living and dining rooms to redesign!

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