Country Kitchens Go Modern!

June 16, 2014


We mentioned in some of our earlier blogs that many styles are piggybacking on others. In line with this is the country style kitchen of yesteryear. If you like the look of knotty pine and honey tones, this can be paired up with many transitional elements that collectively combine the architectural modalities with furnishings, appliances and accessories.

The Sink
The deep white porcelain sinks has made a comeback, but equally attractive is stainless steel and colored porcelain. Again, transitional is the bridge between country and modern or contemporary.

Appliances that Would Have Impressed Grandma
Country kitchens used to imply rustic and back woods, but no longer. They are hip and modern, pulling together the classic with the new. Many appliance manufacturers produce ranges that have the traditional gas burners sitting atop a sleek, stainless surface. The knobs are also "old meets new" with colored inserts that in days gone by were made of white ceramic or porcelain.

A Stainless Trestle – How Chic!
Furnishings and accessories are more dynamic and unique than ever before. A stainless steel trestle table used as an island is a fantastic way to combine the country look with an updated feel. If you want to go no-holds-barred eclectic, top off your bar stools with cowhide upholstered seats, or choose a fun colored cotton gingham chair cushion with tabs instead of ties or bows.

Accessories have become more transitional than we realize. Many of the vases, crockery pieces and wall art would be as at home in a modern or contemporary kitchen as they would in a country, traditional or Mediterranean one. Kitchen Design has become less defined and much more unique to the individual.