Countertop Clutter!

September 30, 2010

When it comes to countertop clutter, there is a fine line between clean and functional. Though clutter can make food prep difficult, completely bare countertops are impractical. Don’t get rid of everything; storing away frequently used small appliances and utensils can turn into a daily headache.

Just as with cabinets, the important rule to remember is that the rules are flexible. You know your kitchen routine better than anyone. Make a list of the items you use most often and the items you rarely use. This will help you determine the placement of everything and make your kitchen as function as possible from the inside out.

The options for storage solutions include:

  1. Mount narrow shelves along the backsplash to store small, frequently used items like spices or timers.
  2. Include appliance garages in your design to store toasters and blenders out of sight but still functionally accessible.
  3. Select a butcher block area with a cutout hole.
  4. Locate a waste bin underneath to quickly discard trash.
  5. Store spoons and other frequently used utensil in a decorative container on your counter for easy access.
  6. Install a pullout cutting board in an opening just below the countertop to maximize workspace.
  7. Want virtually bare countertops? Make sure you have the correct drawer storage as a substitute for countertop placement (i.e. a place for knives near your cutting board).

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