Contemporary Kitchen Design

December 3, 2018

Your kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important and most frequently used rooms in the house. It’s where the magic happens! It needs to be as inspiring as it is functional, especially if you are someone who enjoys cooking or baking. Because of this, many home owners opt for a contemporary kitchen design. Here are some helpful tips on achieving this aesthetic.

Choose the color wisely 

The color of your kitchen should complement the overall theme of the house. However, if you are hoping to achieve a modern look, you’ll want to steer clear of more traditional colors and think about high gloss finishes and even some new “super matte” finishes that are now available.

Work with the space you have 

Your kitchen should never feel cramped. Less is more, especially if space is scarce. Try to design your contemporary kitchen with a minimalistic view rather than trying to fit in everything that you possibly can. Contemporary kitchen designs are generally minimalistic in any case.

Be selective when it comes to countertops 

Your countertops should be easy to clean. From a style perspective, most contemporary kitchens feature countertops that are inspired by nature.   Engineered stones with flat polished edges usually fit the bill here.

Pay attention to the cabinetry 

Beautiful, streamlined kitchen cabinetry will add to the contemporary styling of the room. While the design of the kitchen cabinetry is important, what is even more imperative is their functionality. They should make items easily accessible and provide plenty of opportunity to store items conveniently and strategically. There are many internal accessories that increase function and are easily fit into these sleek cabinetry designs.

Here at Schrapper’s we are dedicated to helping create the perfect kitchen cabinetry for your contemporary kitchen. We specialize in the design and installation of custom-made cabinetry to suit your needs, vision and budget. Contact us today to learn more.