Closet Cabinetry: Open the Door to Stunning!

April 23, 2014


Cabinets and cubbies and drawers – Oh My! Built-in custom closets are rooms within rooms, housing everything it takes to put together the well-dressed man and woman. You don’t need to be a clotheshorse to appreciate the benefits of these closet designs. Methodically mapping out walk-in closet space encourages organization, and when organized, life becomes uncluttered and simpler.

What’s happening today is a more holistic vision of our homes. That is to say, every room of the house should be designed to unite the values of health, happiness and peace. It’s a revolution (albeit a calm one) that is happening in other parts of the home as well, such as: 

  •   Garages
  •   Mud Rooms
  •   Laundry Rooms

closet systems

Considering the amount of time the homemaker spends in these other functional spaces, they should be comfortable, properly planned and utilized to the utmost of their capabilities.

Customized and Luxurious – Closets Are a New World

What can you expect from a Schrapper’s custom closet? Maybe we should rephrase this to read, what wouldn’t you expect? The customized, high-end cabinetry in these photographs gives you an enticing look at what’s going on behind closed doors:

  •   Rich wood tones and layered finishes such as the red mahogany and antiqued white seen in these closets.
  •   Multi-panel mirrored doors that can be opened and angled to view your latest outfits from every advantage point.
  •   Glass door cabinets to see, at a glance, items that lie in wait for the next fabulous outfit.
  •   A variety of drawer sizes for the ultimate in clothing and accessory and  space planning.

In addition to the beautifully designed cabinetry, attention has been given to every detail of the closet, including ceilings, walls, floors, lighting, and artwork and home furnishing accessories. It may very well become your new hideaway.