Tips on Choosing the Right Cabinetry Company

February 7, 2023

Looking for exceptional cabinetry for your home or office? You need to choose a cabinetry company that can match your exquisite taste. Finding a cabinetry company with both experience and superior quality cabinetry is difficult. Here is a list of tips you can use when searching for the best cabinetry company for your project.

Look at the Cabinetry Company’s Past Projects

A cabinetry company is only as good as its previous projects. The company you choose should have a gallery or be able to provide you with examples of previous projects. By searching through their gallery, you will get an idea of the types of designs and styles the company produces. From here, you can decide whether they are a good match for your project. For example, if they provide only a contemporary design (or traditional design) and you are looking for more modern designs, it may not be the best fit for your project. 

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. has a gallery with many of our previous designs and projects. You can also visit our showroom for examples of our beautiful cabinetry. We have a range of styles, from contemporary to modern cabinetry and accessories, to suit any room in your home or office. Whether you are looking for a more modern kitchen, European frameless cabinetry, beautiful inset cabinetry, or a vintage-inspired dining room, we will match your style with custom cabinetry and a personalized design tailored to your preferences.

Do Thorough Research On the Cabinetry Company 

There are a lot of cabinetry companies that claim to be the best. How will you know which is reputable and trustworthy? It’s essential to do your research here. Have a look at the company’s reviews or ask for testimonials. Are they associated with any affiliations, or do they have any awards? A credible company with a good history of customer satisfaction will likely provide you with a good customer experience.

Apart from our testimonials from happy clients, we also have a Google Review page with hundreds of positive reviews. 

Do They Have Their Own Custom Shop?

Looking for custom cabinetry, such as wall cabinets or base cabinets? Custom cabinet makers usually design their own cabinetry, in addition to providing a quality line of cabinetry from premium suppliers. They generally match their materials to your unique cabinet style. If your cabinetry company provides custom designers, you may have more control over your cabinetry design. Find a company that creates custom cabinetry so you can inform them of your preferences. 

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. designs our exclusive custom cabinetry in-house. Along with our own custom private label line, we provide a range of quality designs from top suppliers. We also have expert designers to assist you with your custom interior or exterior projects, no matter which room you are working in or the style you prefer. 

Is the Showroom Well Kept?

Whether you need cabinetry design for indoor or outdoor use, you are going to need to see the cabinetry options available to you. Ensure the cabinetry company has a well-kept showroom, storage space, or samples of the materials to choose from for a great design. Do they have a wide variety of designs and materials? Are their team members friendly? All of these are considerations you need to take into account when visiting the showroom or speaking to their team.

You can come down to the Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. showroom to view our latest designs. Our address is 240 West Indiantown Road, Suite 101, Jupiter, Florida, 33458, United States. Have any questions or queries regarding your design? Our friendly customer service team is always happy to help.

Choose the best cabinetry company by contacting our Design Staff for your next custom project!