Choosing Kitchen Lighting: Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

August 1, 2013

Kitchen LightingThe time has come for you to redesign your kitchen. You envision the perfect place to cook, dine with family and entertain friends. You’re chomping at the bit to demo the drab dregs of kitchen (circa 1900) and become the proud owner of an ultramodern, efficient powerhouse of a kitchen. Whoa, Nellie!

Breathe Deeply and Prioritize Your “Needs” and “Wants”

Kitchen lighting should be broken down into three categories:

  • Task
  • General
  • Ambient

Task Lighting

Kitchen task lighting is installed once you configure your layout and know in which areas you’ll be doing most of your food preparation. Did you know that better lighting helps prevents accidents? When lighting is dull or casts shadows, chopping and dicing can be dangerous tasks.

General Lighting

General lighting is planned out with your kitchen space design plan in mind. However, you might want to have several switches that are area specific such as: over the kitchen sink, island and table. This is more economical and energy efficient.

Ambient Lighting or How Lighting Turns Up the Heat on Romance!

Ambient lighting can be a combination of several types of illumination: candles are always popular when leisurely dining. While many homeowners are opting for modern kitchens, many combine modern with classic design when it comes to light fixtures above the kitchen table. A contemporary pendant light or delicate chandelier works like a charm, installed with a dimmer switch, of course.

Installing lighted fan fixtures over the kitchen table are discouraged as they rapidly cool down the plated meals. The only item on the table that must be cold is the crisp, elegant glass of summer Riesling as you prepare to toast one another!