Eco Friendly & Healthy Home

Creating value while maintaining a sustainable future is our responsibility and one that we take very seriously. Our cabinetry lines infuse eco friendly principles: sustainable, reusable, renewable and non-toxic elements. Our standard line of cabinetry is very "Green" to start with by using recycled materials and are all CARB 1 compliant which is the strictest standard used from California without using FSC certified materials. These "Green" materials reflect the use of certified NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) materials in both our particle board and plywood offerings. FSC "certified" materials are available to those clients who need to obtain the actual "chain of custody" for the substraight materials that area used in the construction of their cabinetry.

We use the "fall off" material from our manufacturing to make cutting boards that are sold through other
dealers and through charitable organizations, the remainder of the waste material is used for animal bedding and also sold to power plants for fuel.

We are particularly proud of the Schrapper’s brand of product that has achieved and even exceeded it by replanting 115% of trees used in each year’s production of our fine cabinetry.