Custom Closet Systems

Custom Closet Systems

Schrapper’s understands that you like to look your best whether you’re working out, staying in or dressing up for an event. You like to have everything organized and at your fingertips so at a moment’s notice you can pull together any outfit for any occasion.

From housing your footwear to your hats – Schrapper’s has custom closet systems that work with you and your needs.

  • Walk-In when space is abundant
  • Reach-In for those with limited space
  • Wardrobe when the space just isn’t available
custom closet systems

Closet System Construction

When you contract with Schrapper’s for any style of closet system, know that it’s not just another pretty face. Great care is used to find superior quality materials – the infrastructure to the beautiful finish. The choices are varied:

  • Solid woods and veneers
  • Plywood construction with veneer
  • Medium density fiberboard with laminates

Customized – Functional – Aesthetic

Sit down with a design specialist and you will discover just how detailed Schrapper’s team of professionals is!
“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

The array of accessories offered that keep your wardrobe organized include:


Valet rods come in handy for a number of reasons. You can use them to hang your dry cleaning and keep the items crease-free, to put an outfit together, or even to dry your bathing suit and delicates. 

Shoe Trays / Storage

A person can never have too many shoes! However, organizing such an extensive footwear collection can prove challenging. Shoe trays help you to keep your shoes all in one place and allow you to see exactly what options are available to you with a single glance. 

Pull-Down Rods

Take full advantage of the high ceilings within your closet space with pull-down rods – ideal for hanging your clothes.

Belt and Tie Racks

Keep your belts and ties separate from the rest of your clothing. Not only do belt and tie racks allow for effortless organization, but they will also save you copious amounts of time. No need to dig around for the specific style that you want to wear each day.


Custom Closets

Custom Closet transform

Custom-Made Jewelry Trays

Store your jewelry alongside your clothing for easy access with the help of custom-made jewelry trays. They can be perfectly customized to match your unique jewelry collection, with plenty of room to keep adding to it!

Necklace Hooks

Avoid those impossible tangles in your favorite necklaces with conveniently placed necklace hooks. They can be designed to hold necklaces of various weights and lengths depending on your needs. 

Drawer and Shelf Dividers

Drawer and shelf dividers make it possible for you to ‘file fold’ some of your clothes, thus saving you space and keeping your items free from creases. 


Hooks inside your custom closet system have a variety of uses. How you choose to embrace them is entirely up to you.

Custom Closets

Custom Closets


Closet poles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional too. 

Pull Out Racks and Accessories

Pull out racks provide more choice when it comes to storing your clothing and add different levels to your closet system for a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Hampers and Baskets

No more wayward items of clothing strewn across the floor. Now you will have easy access to hampers and baskets within your closet system itself – perfect for storing laundry ahead of laundry day! 


You can further customize your closet system with a wide range of other convenient extras, such as ironing boards (such a space saver!) and built-in safes for the secure storage of your valuables, especially while you are away.

Yes – Schrapper’s wants you to look your best each and every time you step foot out of your front door.

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Components to Include In the Design of a Closet System

From planning your closet organizer system that includes the perfect mix of storage components to choosing the right lining and lighting for your closet, the process is no simple feat. Here are a few components that need to be included in your closet system, as well as a few design principles to keep in mind:

Does Your Closet Need To Do Double Duty?
Some people want a built-in closet system to serve as a home for all their accessories, while others want their cabinetry to perform double duty and act as a space that can be used to get dressed or to act as a sitting room. Regardless of what you need your closet system for – it needs to be adaptable and easy to use.

Consider TVs, Ironing Boards, And Chairs
To optimize your space, consider using a chair as a space to put your socks and shoes, for example. That way, you can hit two birds with one stone. Also consider where you will put the mirror; it should be about three feet away from where you will stand. In addition, keep in mind that when standing your view in the mirror should not be obstructed by a closet door.If you want to be able to iron items in your walk-in closet system, you could have a flip-down iron board installed on the back of a closet door. A television could also be installed in the walk-in closet, but you will need to make sure the TV is at eye-level or else it will not be used.

Add Varying Heights
Use a variety of components so that you have different heights to hang your clothes at. Do a stock-take on the types of clothes you wear, and make sure you have the right height for everything from collar shirts to summer dresses and blazers.

Contrast The Colors You Use
The interior of your closet should be lined with light colors. This can be contrasted with darker wood exteriors to give your wood closet system a unique color scheme. You can also have custom lighting installed to ensure you are able to find what you need inside your closet.

Why Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Inc. For The Design And Installation Of Your Closet System?

It is a well-known fact that today’s customers spend more money on purchases while receiving less service. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design is pioneering a new way – one customer at a time. At Schrapper’s, we make sure that our clients are armed with an arsenal of information, whether they hire us or someone else.

Our goal is to make sure that your closet organizer system, walk-in closet or open closet brings your home to life. Contact us for more information today.

Custom Closets