Cabinetry and Your Vestibule: Fine-Tune Your Front Entrance

December 27, 2013

closet The square footage of many South Florida homes does not allow for vestibules and hall closets. True, there aren’t four seasons so you don’t have to worry about heavy overcoats and boots, but there is a rainy season that calls for raincoats and umbrellas. Schrapper’s is known for fine kitchen, bathroom and closet cabinetry, but their skills cross over to every part of your home.

No Matter what You Call It: Storage is Storage
You might refer to this fine cabinetry as an armoire, a closet or a locker, but no matter what you call it, it’s a custom designed space to store your guests’ outerwear and your extra items. Aside from the storage aspect, it is also the very first glance at your home’s interior – your guests’ very first interior impression.

Getting Down to Design
The design of this space should run along the same lines as the architectural design of the house. This gives it a sense that it has always been there and is a permanent structure, which also is a great selling point when the time comes to put your house on the market.

Similar to a mudroom, you may want to incorporate seating, hideaway storage and doors that do not take up more space than necessary. The vestibule doors leading into the house can be replications of the exterior doors, however, opening up the entryway by using etched, stained or frosted glass, or open grillwork is a good way to give the impression of a larger area.

The Finishing Touches
Remember to include a plan for sufficient lighting. An overhead fixture that gives ample illumination, and a decorative lamp for ambient lighting works well. You’ll also want to incorporate an area rug, especially for those long rainy summer months. We recommend a rug that can be easily cleaned.