Built-In Cabinetry

November 19, 2012

Built-in cabinetry goes one step beyond wall units and entertainment centers. It is an addition to your home; bringing a sense of stability as it becomes a part of the architecturally designed interior, and blending companionably with its surroundings.  Older homes were often constructed with shelving integrated into the walls of vestibules, dining rooms, kitchens and libraries. Modern construction typically does not allow for these beautiful budget-stretching extras. However, our professional designers can turn your unadorned walls into sturdy built-in cabinetry that appears to always have been there.

 Built-Ins …Our Trade Secrets

What makes a superior built-in? It’s not all that secret, but it is the tried and true method of our knowledgeable designers and craftsmen. We take care to:

  • Meticulously draft a design that works with the schematics of your room
  • Field-measure the intended wall to insure that the final fit and installation is beyond perfect
  • Discuss, suggest and recommend the primary materials and decorative features that will make your built-in stand out
  • Keep you abreast of the progress of your built-in and finalize all details including color matching and ancillary materials

High Style – Any Style for your Built-Ins

Regardless if you are mad about modern, crazy for contemporary or are a true-blue traditionalist, we have the right design for you. Our skilled team can show you a range of styles to fit the architecture of your home and even provide a mélange of styles to match the most conservative or eclectic of tastes.

We have extensive product knowledge and can supply a wide range of spectacular embellishments and additions to make your built-in unique. The choices are many.

  • Crown moldings in a variety of designs and sizes
  • Corbels, quality wood on-lays and carved wood embellishments
  • Metallic fittings such as brass, brushed nickel and highly polished chrome
  • Decorative glass such as cathedral, stained, floral, swirled, frosted & textured

Whether you are looking for a small niche built-in or a full scale, wall to wall, floor to ceiling library with rolling ladder, we will construct and install it to blend in as an integral part of the room.

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